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Welcome to Microscopy of Nature

On this site I want to show the beauty of Nature up close. It's amazing how living organisms and other subjects from Nature look under a microscope. I also want to show that you don't need an expensive and advanced microscope to see all these beautiful things.

Once you get 'infected' with the microscopy virus, there is no way back. Every time I am amazed at what I see through the microscope, even though I have seen some subjects many times before. Everyone knows the recordings from space, made by satellites. The patterns you see there often resemble the things that you see through a microscope. The structures from the microscopic world seem to be returning on a large scale, quite bizarre. With a little imagination you would almost think that the universe repeats itself on different levels............

I hope this site will be an inspiration for some people to be used for hobby, art, education and much more.


Rolf Vossen


All images of this site are made by me. Permission must be requested to use these images for other purposes.

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