Zeiss-Winkel Stativ B

The Zeiss-Winkel Stativ B is already mentioned in a Zeiss catalog from 1940. The objectives are of 39 mm parfocal length and it would yet take a few more years before the 45 mm objectives came into production. The microscope shown below carries the following objectives: 10/0.25, 42/0.65 and 42/0.85. These are achromats that give high-contrast images and the high aperture of the 42/0.85 objective is really a bonus. You don't often find a 42/0.65 on these microscopes, it is usually the 42 /0.85. In the Zeiss-Winkel catalog there is also an objective 10/0.28 listed; this is an older version that was also produced under the name ‘Winkel-Zeiss’. The objectives have 'Ap' written on them, which means ‘aperture’ and not 'apochromate'.

Zeiss-Winkel Stativ B, a classic horseshoe stand.