Olympus HSA

The Olympus HSA is a very compact and light microscope from the 1960s designed for educational purposes. The objectives are of 37 mm parfocal length (36.65 mm to be precise) and they were designed for 160 mm mechanical tube length. Due to its small dimensions and weight, this model is suitable as a travel microscope. Regarding the weight of the stand, there are lighter and heavier versions and especially the lighter one is suitable as a travel microscope. This instrument is a good and solid microscope that can be used for all the basic work and it can also serve as a field microscope. Under the stage there is a simple fixed single-lens condenser with iris diaphragm. The aperture of this condenser is approximately 0.6 and objectives with an aperture up to 0.80 can be well illuminated with it.

Olympus HSA, an excellent travel and field microscope.